Some safety measure for Bangalore Escort Services

Pursuing business in escort considered to be risky profession by many people. So escorts of Bangalore Escort Services who want to pursue their business in escort have to be very careful at every foot of their moment. If you are looking carer at escort then certain safety measure has to follow by you and your employed. Here are many rules for this kind of business which will keep you and your client away from trouble legally.

 Be a Mystery

Give your best so that your identity remains a mystery.

  • Escorts of Bangalore Escort Services must be very careful while dealing clients especially on matters of your identity. Always keep in mind that you need to keep avoiding the clients to get your real address. In future you might face trouble. .
  • Never make calls nor receive calls from your personnel number because this kind of mistake helps the clients in getting your real identity..
  • Whenever you go meet the clients just avoid keeping any kind of document which could reveal your true identity.

Various steps to be followed while receiving the Payment

Payment has its own place in Bangalore Escort Services which plays a very important role.

  • Always demand money in advance. Because you might not receive the money afterwards.
  • Be very clear in accepting payments by debit or credit cards. Because clients can easily phone their credit card company and put a stop on a payment.
  • Buy a pen checker to check the notes whether it is real or not. There are lot of cases where escort have been paid in fake notes.
  • Whenever you receive payment in an envelope then first check it. Don’t take words for guarantee. Check envelop then only.

How to deal the New Customers

When you go for new clients then the clients understood about the terms and condition.

Just make him known about the exact service which are involves and how long the service lasts and what kind of payments you expect. Never talk anything vulgar over phone. Just try to gather as much information as possible about the clients.

.Certain measure to follow when you take an outcall

In Bangalore Escort Services, you need to very careful when you are booking an outcall.

  • Verify your clients address. And take the clients landline number to clear your doubts.
  • Always carry your own vehicle to avoid further problems. If possible, have a driver who could take you to the client’s place. This is very helpful when your client is residing in an unknown area. This way you know that you have somebody waiting for you if things don’t go so well.
  • When have any kind of doubts in your mind while dealing with the new clients then just cancel it and be safe.
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Sex, Drugs & Rebellion – The ‘Big Three’ of Astrology That May Be Affecting Your Teenager

Have you noticed how kids change so dramatically when they enter their teens? Some might call it hormones, but I see it more as aspects of our Inner Dynamic stepping forward to get some attention at that time.

An Astrology Chart gives you a very clear picture of these aspects. As a whole they’re called the Transpersonal Planets- Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. And each seems to impact kids in its own profound and discomforting way during these formative years.

There’s Uranus- I call him the Rebel. He’s the part of the sub-personality that is always pushing the boundaries, always wanting to think outside the box. He wants to do things his own way.

Sound familiar? Most kids start to display these rebellious traits in their teen years. Kids who were perfect little angels suddenly become difficult and contrary once they enter those in-between years.

Then there’s Neptune- I call her the Seer. She’s the part of the sub-personality that wants to drift away and become one with the Universe. But she also has a tendency toward deception, drugs and alcohol or any other method of escape from the harshness of reality.

It’s no surprise that issues with drugs and alcohol are so prominent in the teen years. This girl has to find some way of making herself heard!

And the last of the Big Three is Pluto. I call him The Beast. I imagined the Wookie in Star Wars when I labelled him this. This guy has all the intensity and power of our animal selves. He’s very ‘Basic’ too, thinking of very little else but the body’s needs- like sex- obsessing over it, in fact. He’s territorial and moody too.

Do you recognise that guy in your teenager? If not, you haven’t looked under your kid’s bed recently and found their stash of Porn – visual (Playboy for guys) or verbal (erotic novels for girls).

No surprises that Romeo and Juliet were teenagers in the grip of The Beast! That kind of intensity is exhausting for the rest of us.

What can you do about these aspects of self that start making themselves known in these years? Is there anything to be done but batten down the hatches and riding it out?

Yes there is. Getting your kids to ‘play’ with these sub-personalities, getting familiar with their needs and drives, makes it easier for them to maintain perspective and control. Finding healthy outlets for these energies is much better than trying to push them down.

I find imagination is a very powerful tool to draw on when the Big Three are in evidence. Getting kids to take their inner characters on a Quest can be fun and enlightening.

And kids have a natural affinity with Astrology and can readily recognise these dynamics inside themselves where they might scoff at ‘shrinks’ and counsellors’ analyses of them.

But a word of warning. If you get your kid’s chart done, don’t hand it to them and say- ‘See there – I always tell you you’re untidy and it says it right there!’

Let them go on a voyage of discover for themselves without you as their guide. They have to start some time, and Astrology is a relatively safe form of self-discovery compared to other methods kids employ during these teen years.


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How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex Drugs And Alcohol

These are subjects you’ll want to talk about with your children before there is a problem. As a family, you can establish boundaries and consequences and come to a common understanding of what is acceptable.

Sex: According to Advocates for Youth, statistics indicate that children who talk to their parents about sex are less likely to engage in high-risk behavior, such as having sex without condoms. 70.6% of teens who reported they didn’t feel comfortable talking to their parents had sex by age 17-19. That compares to 57.9% of teens who reported a close relationship.

It’s true. Not talking to your children about sex isn’t that likely to keep them from doing it. But the opposite is also true. Talking to them about it, isn’t more likely to have them engaging in sexual activity. If it means having sexually active children behaving maturely, talking things out can only help keep our kids safer.

If you think your child is already having sex, chat with them about it. Don’t get angry, but approach it in a calm and reasonable manner. Talk to them about your experiences and be honest. If your child has a boyfriend/girlfriend and things seem to be getting serious, start the conversation if you haven’t already. Above all, make sure they are being safe.

Drugs & Alcohol: Many professionals agree that when parents talk to their kids about drugs and alcohol, those discussions are very likely to shape the child’s attitude about those subjects.

Before you talk to your kids – educate yourself. Check with your local school, library or even look online for the straight facts about drugs and alcohol. Simply telling your kids, “Drugs and alcohol are dangerous,” isn’t going to be as efficient as truly illustrating the very real dangers of substance abuse. Try not to lecture, listen to what your kids have to say and really talk about the issues.

As always, keep it casual. If you spend time with your teenagers and keep the lines of communication open, bringing up the subject is much easier.

Signs of Drug & Alcohol Use: Look out for these tell-tale signs that your child might be using drugs or alcohol:

o Loss of interest in family and other usual activities.

o Not living up to responsibilities.

o Verbally or physical abusiveness.

o Coming home late.

o Increased dishonesty.

o Declining grades.

o Severe mood swings.

o Big change in sleeping patterns..

Understand that a lot of the above signs, especially near the top of the list, could mean a multitude things. Teenagers who are depressed can act in similar ways. When approaching your child, don’t be accusatory. Try to connect with them and see what’s really happening in their lives.

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Is This a Good Drug to Cure Male Erectile Dysfunction? Read This Now to Find Out About This Sex Drug

Has anyone ever find themselves reaching for that usual dose of Tadalafil for that very special night? Yes, this sex enhancement drug to enhance your sexual performance may momentarily ease one’s worry by curing their erectile dysfunction that day but will this be always the way to bring their lover’s satisfaction? How about gaining that freedom from this habit and discover the permanent solution to cure one’s impotence problem?

One probably cannot deny the fact that the minute they take down that ‘magic sex pill’ they are a bit wary of the possible side effects it brings. So why must you keep taking them when you know it’s only a temporal measure and not a permanent one to cure your erection disorder?

Tadalafil is a drug introduced to the public in December 2003 after so- called drugs like Viagra in order to cure male erectile dysfunctions. It promises to guarantee up to 36 hours of effectiveness if taken daily, much longer than other impotence curing drugs. However, this drug is not for everyone as it can bring risks of dangerous side effects and especially if one takes other nitrates containing drug as maintenance for other ailments. Usual side effects include nausea, muscle pain, nasal stuffiness, headache, back and stomach pain. In some very rare instances, men taking this drug report a sudden loss of hearing or vision.

One needs not to worry anymore because there is a permanent solution that is developed and proven effective when it comes to solving their erectile dysfunction problem. There is no need to take those dangerous drugs like Tadalafil that may endanger everyone because all it needs is their commitment and dedication. As promised, that ultimate freedom from sexual underperformance starts here.

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Larry K. Elrod Platinum Quality Author Platinum Author | 128 Articles Joined: December 30, 2008 Sex, Drugs and Sausage Rolls

The hype of celebrity relationships brings about a euphoria and excitement in us that we ourselves long for. For example the reason that we love films with a happy ending is because we ourselves sometimes feel like we are the stars of our own movie and we long for our own happy ending. So the sex, drugs and no sausage rolls policy of the modern-day women have to be modified from the movie version to the reality version. Every woman out there wants to be loved wants to be kept warm on those cold nights and wants a man who can wine and dine her but they have to be realistic.

The drugs by the way is not recreational and doesn’t actually involve any drug taking of any kind, we are actually speaking of the euphoric feeling you get when you embark on the roller coaster that is LOVE. The sexual attraction has to be there, but the modern-women wants more than just that nowadays, they want a hell of a lot more than just that. They want someone who can be the rock of their life and at the same time take them to the moon and the stars. They want men to look like the famous action star and at the same time have the modesty of an Ancient Greek hero. Yes they want the ideal man, the sterling movie character that makes all their dreams come true. And that’s exactly why these men are dreams, they don’t exist in the real world and the sooner women realise it, the better. They will lower their standards and the many innocent men who enter relationships hoping for a positive encounter won’t be held up against these momentous standards that they cannot realistically be measured up to.

The sausage rolls, is the way in which many women measure themselves against the screen stars and models of the catwalk today. More and more women eat celery than ever before, because they love the taste? No because you burn more calories eating celery than you consume eating it. Women all over the world, mainly the western world are constantly watching their weight, slimming down for summer or for a wedding whilst at the same time losing weight for the winter. It is no longer a seasonal sport weight loss, it has become a 365 day a year business and the aspiring women that follow all the different diets that exist out there follow them as their modern-day bible.

Us men do not have a chance when it comes to women these days, even if we do get a girlfriend, they will more than likely measure us up against the meteoric characters of Hollywood actors and expect us to be someone we cannot possibly be. So don’t hold your breath it’s not worth it, besides the women in your relationship probably hold their breath long enough for both of you, trying to hold their stomachs in.

Life is short and it is so important that you work at being the best version of yourself, and while you do that keeping your woman happy should become a whole lot easier. So even if you are being measured up against a Hollywood superstar and you don’t quite measure up make sure that you are the best that you can be. If that is not good enough for her then leave her and move on, because she is not worth it. Be your woman’s knight in shining armour and you will more than likely be good enough for her as well as feeling a great sense of achievement and satisfaction for yourself. So as I say be the best that you can be and you can’t go wrong either way.

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