Sex, Drugs and Rock N’ Roll

You know you like this title because everyone likes this saying. “Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll,” is a mantra that introduces everyone to the idea to being a part of the “In Crowd”. The “in crowd” you ask? The “in crowd” that every one of us at some point has stood by and watched the “in crowd” at their local bar along with the best girls, the best parties, and the best after parties. Now just admit it, you’ve been pondering what it would be like to live this lifestyle even before I began writing this article haven’t you?

Well if you have thought about this before, you are sharing the same dreams of almost all other men that want a better, more fulfilling lifestyle. But first you need to break out of your shell and be free of all boundaries. Now think of the “you only live once motto,” then you will be half way there.

Tips to successfully be part of “That” crowd:

#1- Be the life of the party- Hard to do? Probably; the only purpose of this article is to force you to break out of your shell. So let’s think of a few methods…hmmm… Don’t be afraid of being social maybe?

Start talking to anyone and everyone at the bar!

Don’t get drunk but be a little loud instead. Strike up conversation with as many people as possible.

A bit expensive perhaps, but share the bill with your soon to be friends. Buy drinks for the people you meet and have good company with. The more open you are to new people, the more people you will meet. And the more people you begin to build friendships with, the more probable you will be introduced to the single woman “friends”. Women are attracted to men who know more people and project themselves as included with the so called “in crowd.”

#2 – Big Money, Money, Money, Money- But you ask what if I don’t have a lot of money? No problem. You don’t have to make a six figure income per year, but you must project the image of financial stability with money to blow. Just look at your rich friends or anyone you know who is rich. Observe what they do when they go out for a big night (or better yet you can just roll with them and reap the benefits). You will soon notice that they usually project a wealthy lifestyle with their hair cuts, clothing style, and so on. Usually one can find similar type apparel in a second hand store at a fraction of the price. I recommend Ross “Dress for Less”.

#3 – Nice clubs: HOT women! So you must consider upgrading your entrance to an upper class establishment. Sure a fancier club has it’s own share of setbacks as well…..financially speaking! Drinks are expensive and so are the Women. But to combat this, there are two things you must do:

Pre-game- We all overlook considering this, but due to a substantially high markup in bigger clubs, you will want to consider drinking a shot or two before you depart to save the thinning of your wallet once arrived there.
The Woman! Unfortunately we cannot save money on them, just like the saying goes, “you stay, you pay.” You have to open up the wallet when you’ve finally made it to the club in case you meet someone and eventually decide to buy her a drink.
In addition to this, you must learn to tip your bartender extra well for the first couple of rounds while getting to know them like they’re your best friend and like they are the best in the biz. Eventually you’ll notice the bartender mixing your drinks strong so you won’t be forced to buy as many. Just remember, if you’re in good with the bar tender, you hold a considerable advantage over the majority of your male competitors encountered at your local club or bar.

Overall, to be part of the “in crowd,” and to meet beautiful women, you must behave like you own the place. Socializing with everyone and working the crowd is a major factor in this situation. Representing an attention buff and looking like you can buy a drink for everyone is a great way to boost your success also. At the end of the night, you will be buzzing off of good vibes from meeting new friends and even more beautiful women.

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Sex, Drugs and Sausage Rolls

The hype of celebrity relationships brings about a euphoria and excitement in us that we ourselves long for. For example the reason that we love films with a happy ending is because we ourselves sometimes feel like we are the stars of our own movie and we long for our own happy ending. So the sex, drugs and no sausage rolls policy of the modern-day women have to be modified from the movie version to the reality version. Every woman out there wants to be loved wants to be kept warm on those cold nights and wants a man who can wine and dine her but they have to be realistic.

The drugs by the way is not recreational and doesn’t actually involve any drug taking of any kind, we are actually speaking of the euphoric feeling you get when you embark on the roller coaster that is LOVE. The sexual attraction has to be there, but the modern-women wants more than just that nowadays, they want a hell of a lot more than just that. They want someone who can be the rock of their life and at the same time take them to the moon and the stars. They want men to look like the famous action star and at the same time have the modesty of an Ancient Greek hero. Yes they want the ideal man, the sterling movie character that makes all their dreams come true. And that’s exactly why these men are dreams, they don’t exist in the real world and the sooner women realise it, the better. They will lower their standards and the many innocent men who enter relationships hoping for a positive encounter won’t be held up against these momentous standards that they cannot realistically be measured up to.

The sausage rolls, is the way in which many women measure themselves against the screen stars and models of the catwalk today. More and more women eat celery than ever before, because they love the taste? No because you burn more calories eating celery than you consume eating it. Women all over the world, mainly the western world are constantly watching their weight, slimming down for summer or for a wedding whilst at the same time losing weight for the winter. It is no longer a seasonal sport weight loss, it has become a 365 day a year business and the aspiring women that follow all the different diets that exist out there follow them as their modern-day bible.

Us men do not have a chance when it comes to women these days, even if we do get a girlfriend, they will more than likely measure us up against the meteoric characters of Hollywood actors and expect us to be someone we cannot possibly be. So don’t hold your breath it’s not worth it, besides the women in your relationship probably hold their breath long enough for both of you, trying to hold their stomachs in.

Life is short and it is so important that you work at being the best version of yourself, and while you do that keeping your woman happy should become a whole lot easier. So even if you are being measured up against a Hollywood superstar and you don’t quite measure up make sure that you are the best that you can be. If that is not good enough for her then leave her and move on, because she is not worth it. Be your woman’s knight in shining armour and you will more than likely be good enough for her as well as feeling a great sense of achievement and satisfaction for yourself. So as I say be the best that you can be and you can’t go wrong either way.

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Sex, Drugs, & Rock-n-Roll: Trade Show Traps and Tips

Sex, Drugs & Rock-n-Roll

Here’s the Scenario…

You’re at a trade show. Out of town. It’s probably an
unfamiliar city. Maybe overseas. Lots of strangers. There’s a
client or two. A couple of buddies. Lots of opportunities to do
business. Lots of opportunities to get yourself in a bind.

This Commentary is about how to stay out of trouble, save
your dignity and keep your job.

Trade shows are hard work – both physically and
emotionally. It’s tiring to travel. Hard to be away from home.
Boring to be pleasant and smile for hours. And, a blow to
the ego when people ignore you, don’t respond to your
comments, look the other way when passing your booth, or
just say “no” to your offer.

There’s pressure to produce. Talk with prospects. Entertain
clients. Look for partners. Scout out the competition. Get the
business. And, increasingly because of technology – e-mail,
e-fax, cell phones – keep up with your “real” job at the same
time. So, it’s easy to fall into the traps of your normal stress
reducers – the inter-relationships of sex, drugs & rock-n-roll.

The Lectures and the Tips…

I call these behaviors – Things your mother taught you not to
do, but since you’re away and you think nobody knows you,
you can get away with them. Sorry, somebody does know.
And that’s you.

Sex – Ah, how nice it is to be loved. Or at least enjoyed for a
short period. The temptations and availability of anonymous
sex are high when you’re away plus there’s the chance to
have a rendezvous with a co-worker, client or other
business acquaintance. Magic moments fizzle fast when the
sun comes up. Remember, your life is longer than the trade

Drugs – Does your company have a policy that allows you to
buy, sell and use illegal drugs? Doubt it. You are on
company time from the moment you leave your home until
you return. Not only do you endanger your career and
industry reputation, you run the risk of breaking US and
foreign laws. Jail? Not a nice experience. Note that the U.S.
Embassy cannot bail you out if you break foreign laws.

Are you traveling with legitimate prescription drugs? Keep
them with you in the original bottles with the pharmacist’s
labels, keep a written copy of the prescription details in
another location (in case you lose the vials and need refills).
And most importantly, don’t double up doses because you
feel ill or uncomfortable. Check with your physician before
you leave in case you have a minor emergency. This is
especially true if you have allergies, a heart condition or use
mood levelers. For example doubling tranquilizers may
calm you to the point of stupor.

Rock-n-Roll – Hey, it’s Party Time. Free beer. Free booze.
Lots of great food. Music to rock by. Business is on a roll.
You’re king of the hill and queen for a day, you’re
entertaining and being entertained. What a life!

With some clients and in some cultures, you’re expected to
indulge in Party Time behavior. Drink a lot. It’s OK to get
drunk. Cozy up to the hostesses. Let your hair down and
have a good time. Party hardy. Here’s a secret – You can still
be pleasant, have a good time and stay sober.

Why be a prude when party opportunities abound? Because
you’re smart. You know alcohol loosens lips. Your hosts are
now willing to brag about their business – details on the
newest product, personnel shifts, corporate goals and
insider gossip. If you’re sloshed, you won’t remember. If
you’re drinking club soda with lime, you will.

Conversely, when you’re drinking, you may trash your boss,
reveal company secrets, ask the wrong person for a favor
and be generally boastful and obnoxious. You’ll be
memorable for all the wrong reasons.

When sober, you’re smarter because you’re gathering
critical market intelligence – information to get you ahead of
your competition and be a leader in industry trends.
Remember, at a trade show and all surrounding events, you
are what people perceive as Your Company. How you act is
how people view your firm.

The Solutions…

There are ways to avoid these traps. Here are perfectly
legitimate excuses for not indulging in wayward behavior,
but you have to make the rational decision to use them.

Think first of your health. Anything you knowingly do that
endangers the health of you and your family is stupid, and
hard to explain. Keep the wedding band on. Be polite and
say no. The major VD’s are still around, though treatable.
But as global travel expands, new viruses and diseases are
popping up and transmuting. Besides the emotional trauma
associated with sexual escapades, the health risks are just
not worth it.

Understand your corporate policies from using drugs to
paying bribes to accepting gifts. What’s standard at the
office, applies away from the office. If you don’t know your
policies, ask before you go. Better be safe than sorry.

Examine your religious beliefs and laws. Adultery is a big
sin in most religions. So are lying, cheating and stealing.
We all want to do business with people who are trustworthy.
It’s your responsibility to demonstrate that.

Trust your gut. If you’re uncomfortable in a situation, get out.
Whether it’s physical danger or an emotional jolt, your
intuition is your best guide.

You can say “No, thanks.” Because of health, corporate
policy, beliefs and intuition. But the main reasons is
because you’re a trustworthy person.

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Get Noticed in the Latest Sex Drugs and Sausage Rolls T-Shirt

Hey you! Want to get noticed when you walk down the street? Want to get the attention of an attractive eye that gives you the once over and ends with a flirtatious smile?

Of course you do. After all, you work hard, you play hard. You deserve your 15 minutes of fame. Well now you can get it and you don’t need to embarrass yourself by going on a reality TV show or spend all your hard earned cash on over-priced designer clothing. Get noticed in the latest Sex Drugs and Sausage Rolls T Shirt.

OK, so you might not make the evening news but you get to keep your dignity and your quality cotton Sex Drugs and Sausage Rolls T Shirt will last a lot longer than 15 minutes. Best of all you can get some of the perks of celebrity without having to learn how to play an instrument, become a professional football player or land the leading role in a Hollywood action movie.

Let’s face it, fame makes everyone attractive. So wear this popular Twisted Soul T Shirt that personifies your good taste, relaxed nature and casual charm. And if you get a bit tongue-tied when you’re in a hot spot, let your T Shirt speak for you. Express yourself without putting your foot in your mouth.

There are seven colours to choose from, one for every day of the week. Blue, yellow, white, grey, red… and red but a different shade of red. Don’t worry, women will notice the difference. There’s even a black one for a night on the town. Get the whole range and you’ll never have to worry about what to wear again.

Dress them up if you’re out to impress or dress them down if you want to exude relaxed charisma. They’re good for any occasion – pubs, clubs, dinner dates or visiting your granny on the weekend. Made from high quality cotton you’ll look great and feel even better, and because they’re made from cotton you’ll keep your cool when you’re in the spotlight.

If making a lasting impression is important to you, then wear something that’s going to last. In life you only have to make a few good investments to set yourself up. To the less perceptive person your Sex Drugs and Sausage Rolls T Shirt might not seem like it will pay big dividends in the long term. But who knows what kind of attention you’ll attract when you wear it and what that will lead to.

So if you’re up for it, get it. But remember, celebrity has its down side. So before you buy make sure you’re ready for the attention, because you might just get more than you can handle. Sex Drugs and Sausage Rolls T Shirts – you don’t need to have a record label to wear them.

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Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘N Roll: The Real Story

Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll is a common dream that few will know; but many try and so the story goes, that there’s riches there in the backstage glow. But looking in subjectively, one must put down the cell phone, the remote and the Wii, for things in the spotlight are never what they seem- when it comes to the combination of these infamous three.

It’s a tempting image we’ve too often seen; fans by the millions who clamor and scream; for a glimpse, just a touch or a kiss on the cheek; there’s no shortage of groupies and their big rock-star dreams. So backstage they go to embrace beneath the sheets; neither star nor fan knowing if the other is clean. Just ask Freddy Mercury of Queen or the legend Easy E, or ponder the math of promiscuity. The more sex one has the more threats one will see; the chances for most are about 1 in 3.

Of course, the risk is increased when one factors in drugs, which diminish good judgment and moral aplomb. To this many a rock star can certainly attest, with unwanted pregnancies, herpes, syphilis and the rest.

But if the threat of disease isn’t enough, consider the sexual dysfunction that could be caused by drugs; with repeated use the good feelings fade – until sex feels like nothing and relationships become strained. Then all that’s left is to get high and play; but the music, like sex, is empty and grey.

This is the way so many rock stars go; they hide in the weed, the booze and the coke. They wait for salvation in the fame or the dough, but round and round with the drugs they still go. It’s a tired old story with so many names, of rock ‘n roll legends this disease has claimed;

Janis Joplin overdosed on heroin and Hendrix choked on his own puke – while passed out and delirious on ‘barbs and on booze. John Bonham from Led Zeppelin would likewise follow suit, and choke on his vomit after 40 shots of booze. Jay Bennett, from Wilco; lost to overdose, not long after Wes Berggren from Tripping Daisy died from cocaine and ‘benzos.

Steve Clark from Def Leppard, Kevin DuBrow from Quiet Riot, both died far too young from a cocaine-based diet. Slipknot’s Paul Grey died from morphine and pills, while Sublime lost their front-man to a heroin thrill. It was heroin too, that took Kurt Cobain and bassist friend Pfaff; the loss to the grunge scene marred its future and past.

Some groups have lost more than one member to the scourge of addiction, the call of drug abuse – The Pretenders, The Grateful Dead, Alice in Chains and The Who – were all scarred forever when their deaths numbered 2. But it’s not a problem isolated to just these few; The Temptations, Sex Pistols, AC/DC, Blues Traveler, Weezer, Mad Season, Avenged Sevenfold and Red Hot Chili Peppers all lost members too.

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